Phantom 4 Pro Using 1.03.0509 Firmware – Includes D-LOG Footage (Color Graded in Post)

I’ve upgraded my P4P to the new 1.03.0509 firmware and am pleased to report that it does, in fact, appear to have solved any compatibility issues with both Litchi and Hangar Autopilot.  I also noticed what seemed to me to be a nice increase in stability in the test footage I shot.  The aircraft and camera were so stable that at first I thought I’d paused the video.  Absolutely nothing moved – despite the wind!

The clip below is just a short nothing-burger from a content standpoint.  It’s intended to show what the new D-LOG plus a minimal amount of color grading in post can look like.  I tried to create a natural looking image.  The only real corrections were raising the saturation a little and increasing the dynamic range by applying a classic “S” exposure curve.  I also warmed the white balance just a tad.  I think the new D-LOG is usable.  I didn’t think that a couple of firmware revisions ago, but now things seem noticeably better!  See below:


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