Testing Filters and Camcorder for Solar Eclipse 2017

This is just a hand-held test using a sheet of 4″ x 4″ solar filter material taped on the sunshade of my Sony 4K Camcorder. I also engaged all three levels of the camera’s built-in ND filters. I bought the filter material on Amazon about a month ago – along with a 10 pack of solar glasses. The total bill was under $20. Now glasses ALONE are going for $40 EACH! What price gouging!

In post, I used Lumetri Scopes in Premiere Pro to balance the Red, Green, and Blue peaks and bases until all three looked about the same. The filter material blocks a little in the green and a ton in the blue parts of the spectrum… so some aggressive work has to be done to eliminate most of the red-orange hue.


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