360 Degree Panorama of Carterville, Missouri

I took this panorama using my DJI Phantom 4 Pro – using Hangar’s Autopilot software to position the aircraft, the camera gimbal, and acquire the photos.  The whole image acquisition part was fully automatic, and a lot of fun to watch happen.

The “fun” part came with it was time to stitch the images into a panorama.  I used Lightroom / Photoshop and did lots of manual labor.

However, there’s a new tool from Hangar / Autopilot called Hangar 360 that lets you capture the images using their software to control the drone (as with Autopilot) but then they also provide a web site where you can upload your images and let their software stitch things together for you and create your panorama. Cool huh?!

Anyway, take a look at my 360 panorama of Carterville below (full screen works best so click the full screen (square) icon on the upper right corner of the image below).

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