360 Degree Panorama of Carterville, Missouri

I took this panorama using my DJI Phantom 4 Pro – using Hangar’s Autopilot software to position the aircraft, the camera gimbal, and acquire the photos.  The whole image acquisition part was fully automatic, and a lot of fun to watch happen.

The “fun” part came with it was time to stitch the images into a panorama.  I used Lightroom / Photoshop and did lots of manual labor.

However, there’s a new tool from Hangar / Autopilot called Hangar 360 that lets you capture the images using their software to control the drone (as with Autopilot) but then they also provide a web site where you can upload your images and let their software stitch things together for you and create your panorama. Cool huh?!

Anyway, take a look at my 360 panorama of Carterville below (full screen works best so click the full screen (square) icon on the upper right corner of the image below).

DJI Releases More New Firmware – Phantom 4 Pro (1.03.0509) and Mavic Pro (1.03.0600)

Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro

It seems the firmware bugs that were causing issues with Litchi and Hangar / Autopilot have been corrected in the latest firmware releases for the Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic.

The following e-mail arrived from Litchi yesterday:

Dear Litchi Pilots,

The new DJI firmware updates for Mavic Pro (v01.03.0600) and Phantom 4 Pro (v01.03.0509) fixed the issue introduced in the previous firmware versions which would cause erratic behavior in some of Litchi’s flight modes. All of Litchi’s flight modes are safe to use again with the latest firmware version for the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro. The issue still exists in the current firmware for the Inspire 2.

The Litchi Team

Hangar hasn’t sent an e-mail update out to customers yet, but the Autopilot page on their web site announces that with the firmware updates mentioned above in Litchi’s e-mail, the Autopilot product is also safe to use in all modes once again.

I’ve yet to install the new firmware and give it a go with Litchi or Autopilot, but weather permitting, I’ll do that this weekend.   Fingers crossed!